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Each challenge tries to relate to a real-world situation one can encounter. Kubernetes challenges gives you access to a remote cluster and you have to find the solution to pass.

“A few years ago, I used to learn Cybersecurity on HackTheBox and Root-me. The DevOps ecosystem deserves a similar platform focused on topics like Kubernetes, Observability, & Containers.”

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Me 👨‍💻

"If Leetcode & HackTheBox had a love child"

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"Looks great, keep going!"

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"Stop working on this stupid project and pay attention to me"

@Teyhouse (Security Engineer / DevSecOps)

"A fun and rewarding experience based on real-life troubleshooting. The only thing that made me stop solving challenges was server maintenance."

Uros (DevOps Engineer)

"Fun, insightful, educational! Feels like but for Kubernetes. It has a playful approach for testing how deep your knowledge truly goes. Can't wait for more challenges!"

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