Welcome! 👋

Hey, I am François. A French 🇫🇷 "DevOps" engineer working in Germany 🇩🇪.

FixTheOps is a personal project that started in January 2023, when I started to sketch the first landing page with a simple waiting list during the evening, or during holidays. After gaining some first users, I got really encouraging feedback, so I improved the website more and more until the moment I could just remove the waiting list.

However, this project is costly, I paid for some parts of it myself, and used cloud credits whenever I could find some (the whole project is deployed with FluxCD, which makes it easy to deploy to a completely new environment). So all contributions are welcome: buy me coffee, sponsorships, etc.

The funny part is that I probably spent more time on React & CSS than on the backend :D

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy playing with the challenges, and get this amazing feeling when you crack them one by one.

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